Gun background checks spike in NEO this election year

Posted at 8:51 PM, Sep 07, 2016
After a record breaking 2015, this year the nation is on track to see even more gun sales. According to new FBI numbers, more than 1.8 million background checks were logged for potential gun buyers last month alone. That is a 6% increase from the same time last year.  Because of these numbers, 2016 is quickly becoming the year of the gun. According to sources, FBI data also shows a record number of background checks for every month this year. Northeast Ohio is seeing the spike.
"Our August is up $30,000 from last year at the same time," said Diane Donnett, President, Stonewall Limited Gun Shop. "July is usually our worst month ever and we're up about $30,000 there too." She added.
Donnett says it has been a wild summer; gun sales are through the roof.
"People are worried about their safety," said Donnett.
She says with the increase in public shootings, folks are taking their safety into their own hands. Folks, like Harold Wiegand.
"Protecting my wife and my children and all that," said Wiegand.
Wiegand is a gun owner.
"It's a 9mm Ruger. Semi automatic," said Wiegand.
He has carried ever since it was legal 12-and-a-half years ago.
"I'm proud that I am able to carry a concealed weapon," said Wiegand.
We caught him eyeing a few pieces of metal.
"You can't buy enough guns because in my eyes they're trying to take the guns away from us," said Wiegand.
Election years tend to mean big business for gun shops. People buy more when they potentially feel the future is unclear.
"Are they going to ban stuff are they not going to ban stuff," said Donnett.
If trends continue going the way they are the volume of background checks in 2016 may surpass the number from 2015. That year, more than 23-million were conducted by the FBI.