'He was crazy': Witness says student shot by Hudson officer was acting strange

Posted at 4:39 PM, Dec 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-14 18:09:09-05

Weeks after the deadly police shooting in Hudson, more witnesses are speaking out.

The shooting left Case Western Graduate student, Saif Nasser Mubarak Alameri, dead, shot by police.

It all started with a car crash on the turnpike. Scott Mix saw the whole thing.

Mix watched Alameri speed, crash, and flip his car. The way Alameri reacted, just as strange as the accident, according to Mix.

"There was no reasoning with him. I tried talking to him for a good five minutes," Mix told News 5.

"He wasn't speaking any words. Just screaming," he said.

At one point, Mix got back into his truck and locked the doors. He said Alameri kept falling down, laying on the ground, then getting back up.

"His arms were up, then he would fall down... and he fell down a couple more times, right in the middle of the turnpike," he said.

When Alameri started to run, Mix said he thought he was going to check on the person he sideswiped. Then he went the other way, so Mix told News 5 he followed.

"He started to go over the guard rail. And I was just like, um, hell no. So, I started running after him," he said.

Scott Mix said he tried to calm Alameri down and stop him from running from the accident.

"I tried to grab him and he tossed over. Fell on the ground and rolled down the hill," Mix said.

That's when Mix said Alameri ran into the woods and he didn't chase him.

"He was crazy!"

Hudson Police officers did. One officer caught up with Alameri and there was a reported struggle - Alameri was shot and killed.