Could pregnant moms use medical pot?

Posted at 6:49 PM, Mar 03, 2016

According to a 2016 Ohio Medical Marijuana Initiative released Tuesday, pregnant mothers with “severe nausea” could theoretically qualify for a medical marijuana license with the approval of a physician. 

“Severe nausea” is one of several symptoms or conditions listed as “debilitating medical conditions” in the medical marijuana proposal. 

“So if a physician recommends medical marijuana to a patient for the treatment of severe nausea, that patient would qualify,” a spokesman for Ohioans for Medical Marijuana told “Like with virtually every other medication, it will be up to the licensed physician to determine what medication is best for their patient.”

The initiative has been sent to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and will require approval by the Ohio Ballot Board before the group can begin collecting signatures. 

In November, interviewed a Lorain mother who used medical marijuana tea during her pregnancy. Her child tested positive for a marijuana byproduct and was taken into emergency custody by the courts. 

Substance abuse expert Timothy Dimoff told the new proposal could have implications on pregnant mothers like the one in Lorain.

"If this initiative passes and if the doctor gave her the prescription and instructed her to use it then yes, she could get away with it," Dimoff explained.

But Dimoff, who is also a former narcotics detective, said he does not expect many doctors to consider approving the treatment.      

The Centers for Disease Control has long instructed expecting mothers not to use marijuana. 

“Since we know of no safe level of marijuana use during pregnancy, women who are pregnant, or considering becoming pregnant, should not use marijuana, even in states where marijuana is legal,” the CDC said in a statement on it’s website. 

Dimoff said the current debilitating medical conditions are "too broad" and will likely need to be revised. 

"If this is going to include a pregnant mother, then I think it’s definitely a step in the wrong direction," he said.