Ohio Gov. John Kasich loves to troll Donald Trump

Posted at 2:55 PM, Sep 21, 2016

You may think Ohio Gov. John Kasich is a sore loser for not supporting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Or, maybe you give him props for his resolve.

Either way, Kasich’s rivalry with Trump has yielded some priceless zings. Kasich has subtly jabbed Trump in news interviews, on the campaign trail and in social media posts.

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus is so sick of Kasich trolling Trump he suggested earlier this week that Republicans who don’t support the party’s nominee should be banned from running for the White House.

So, we thought now would be the perfect time to take a look at Kasich’s best digs at Trump.

1. The Olympics

This barb was clearly directed at Trump, who loves to repeat the mantra that America “doesn’t win anymore” on the campaign trail. As U.S. Olympians racked up gold medals last month, Kasich blasted out the tweet.

2. His party at the Republican National Convention

Just hours before GOP delegates formally nominated Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Kasich held a party of his own a few blocks away at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kasich didn’t step foot in the convention hall to watch Trump earn the nomination.

3. The Gold Star parents dispute

Kasich tweeted that after Trump criticized the Muslim parents of a fallen soldier for their speech at the Democratic National Convention. Khizr Khan, the soldier’s dad, told Trump he “had sacrificed nothing and no one” during the speech.

5. Don't 'ruin' his day with Trump questions

Listen up, reporters: Tread lightly when you ask Kasich about Trump. After Kasich cast his ballot in the March 15 primary, he wasn’t too happy when a journalist asked if he had anything to say to the real estate mogul.

“You’re not going to ruin my day after I voted myself for president,” Kasich shot back. “I have nothing to say to him.”

6. An unrequited VP offer

As Trump arrived in Cleveland for the RNC, the Kasich campaign floated around an embarrassing rumor to the media: They alleged Donald Trump Jr. had offered Kasich the chance to be the “most powerful” vice president ever. Trump’s team denied the proposal was ever on the table.

7. A Putin parody video

Before their rivalry really heated up, Team Kasich got people talking about another vice president rumor with this spoof. The satirical YouTube video said Trump had picked Russian President Vladimir Putin for the VP slot. Kasich’s campaign put the video together but never circulated it.

8. He'll back Paul Ryan

The day Trump refused to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan in the Wisconsin Republican primary, Kasich took to Twitter with this message.

9. But he's still 'very unlikely' to back Trump

Out of all the digs, perhaps the most damaging is that Kasich continues to tell people he's probably not going to back the GOP nominee. Ohio has historically played a crucial role in presidential elections and political insiders wonder what kind of impact a non-endorsement from Kasich -- the popular governor of the state -- might have on the race.

We can only hope the fun continues through Election Day. For his part, Trump doesn’t see this feud coming to an end anytime soon, either.