Homeowner speaks after pursuit suspect drives into Highland Heights house

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 18:05:30-04

A car plowed into the front yard of a home Thursday, hitting an innocent homeowner in Highland Heights.

Police said it all began, during a police chase that started in Lyndhurst and ended in Highland Heights.

The homeowner, Todd Khas said he was just going about his day, calling it a rather peaceful day, when the driver came through his yard.

“I was just cleaning the garage, playing with my dog,” said Khas.

Khas said he used to work as a firefighter and thought the driver had made a mistake, so his instincts kicked in to help the driver. However, he ended up putting his life in danger.

“At that time, he threw it in reverse and did a donut, just missed me, backswing around and hit me in the chest,” said Khas.

For a short time, Khas said he grabbed onto the truck, so he wouldn't get run over. However, when the driver spun around, and he was thrown into the air.

“[My mind] was kind of foggy,” he said, “Two ladies came over, told me just to stay still.”

Neighbors said they were up until 1 a.m., watching the scene unfold, as police stayed late through the night to investigate the crash.

On Friday, investigators were back out at Khas’ house, using drones to map out the driver's path.

Khas was left with bruises on his arm and chest, but released from the hospital. He said he is feeling very sore, but grateful to be alive.

“It's just crazy, something like that happened over here, you know,” he said.

As for the driver, police said they arrested Andrew Mehring, 19, from Cleveland Heights. He was wanted by police and was on the run after being involved in an alleged robbery at a local gas station.