Hudson police and city officials refuse to answer questions about deadly police shooting

Posted at 7:00 PM, Dec 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-08 19:00:56-05

Four days after the deadly police shooting in Hudson, the police chief and city officials wouldn't answer News 5's questions. 

26-year-old Saif Nasser Mubarak Alameri was shot in the head and killed by Hudson Police Sunday afternoon. 

There were reports of Alameri driving erratically on 480, where investigators say he sideswiped a car, flipped his own, and ran into the woods. Hudson Police officers followed. There was a reported struggle and that's when the Hudson police officer pulled the trigger. 

The incident has made national and international headlines, but days later, there are no details about what led up to the gunfire and the city and the police department still would not answer questions.

News 5 sent reporter, Tara Molina, to Hudson's Police Department. 

"There's an obligation to account for this officers actions, whether they were justified or not, and no one will take any of our questions," Molina said to a dispatcher, who told her no one was available. 

"I would really like to ask the Chief some questions," Molina said to an officer, who told her the Chief was not available. 

"There's an obligation to account for this officers actions, and no one is answering our questions," Molina said to a city employee, who also declined an interview. 

Instead of holding a press conference, the city of Hudson put a 12 minute video on YouTube, where the Hudson Police Chief said they've never had a police shooting in the city, Ohio's Bureau of Criminal Investigations has taken over, and he was at the scene that night but never crossed the yellow line.

"The video doesn't really, I mean there needs to be accountability for the department," Molina said to an officer at Hudson Police Department's front desk. The officer said no one will take questions today.

The Hudson Police Department released the name of the officer, Ryan Doran and dashcam video Thursday afternoon.