Cleveland residents beg: Please, fix the potholes

Posted at 5:50 AM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 11:41:59-05

Now that winter is here, our roads are taking more of a beating. How are government work crews taking care of your streets? We are kicking off this season’s Pothole Patrol coverage.

"Hitting the potholes especially Harvard (Avenue). It's really horrible," said Natasha Wilson from Cleveland. She knows all about a bad stretch of Harvard between Lee and East 189th.

"You get to one pothole then to the next and to the next. It's like a trail...a trail of potholes,” she told us.

Others have noticed the problem there, too, including the youngest of riders.

"Very bumpy. (My) baby back there like ‘ahhhhhhhh!’" said LaTisha Walker of her daughter, Jubilee.

The City of Cleveland has told us it's using a systematic approach to address potholes in the city. It’s a system that it's been outlining on a city website in the past. But as we have investigated the city's process, we have uncovered many streets don't see pothole fixes for several months even into the end of the year.

That doesn't sit well with drivers. 

"They need to use the city taxes for a good purpose and that's one of to fix the city streets," said Helen Worship.

Therein lies the problem.  On Your Side Investigators have shown the street repair system has been fundamentally flawed. The city has told News 5 that after reviewing past strategies it finally has the right funding and formula for repairs. Wilson hopes so. She's lost 2 tires to potholes just since November.

"Please, fix the potholes. Please, do something about it because it's just horrible,” she said when asked what her message is to city leaders.

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