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Murder suspect mistakenly released from Cuyahoga County Jail has been arrested

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Posted at 6:33 PM, Jun 25, 2024

Amarion Sanders, the murder suspect who was mistakenly released from the Cuyahoga County jail on Monday, was arrested by U.S. Marshals this morning on Cleveland’s West Side.

A worried family

On Tuesday, the family of Derek Driskill told News 5 they were concerned for their safety.

The prosecutor’s office said that the court made a clerical error and accidentally dismissed Driskill’s suspected murderer, Amarion Sanders, from the county jail on Monday afternoon.

It’s not fair. There are so many people that are locked up for crimes that maybe they didn’t even commit, but when you have someone on video tape doing something, how do they get out mistakenly?” said Derek Driskill’s wife, Andrea Johnson.

As Andrea Johnson and her family continue to grieve the loss of Derek Driskill, they said it was even more difficult knowing his suspected murderer was on the loose.

Authorities looking for 22-year-old mistakenly released from Cuyahoga County Jail due to "typographical error"

“If he’s on the run, and he’s already got 24 hours before this mistake was realized, how far could he have gotten? Is he still around, so that’s concerning in itself,” said Johnson.

The 22-year-old Sanders is wanted for aggravated murder in the shooting and killing of Derek Driskill in the area of a liquor store on 124th and Union Street in Cleveland in September 2023.

“What he did was so unnecessary, he didn’t know my husband,” said Johnson.

While Andrea says Cuyahoga County leaders have been apologetic, she says she’s still in shock this happened.

“It’s really unfathomable. I just really don’t get it,” said Johnson.

What happened

According to a statement from the county prosecutor’s office, staff notified the court Tuesday morning of the error.

The court then filed a Nunc Pro Tunc motion to correct the error and reissued a warrant for Sanders’ arrest.

Per journal entries from the court, a different case number should’ve been released instead of Sanders.

"This court is requesting the county sheriff and CPD Homicide to take the extraordinary steps necessary to correct this court's error and return defendant to the county jail for the public safety," records state.

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