Inspectors review work after City of CLE mistake

Posted at 5:46 PM, Mar 15, 2016

A NewsChannel 5 investigation revealed a recent mistake made by the city of Cleveland concerning a house on the east side. Today, inspectors were back out to the home looking over the electrical work again.

Our camera was there as inspectors showed up. One had a camera in hand. Last week, we documented numerous issues with exposed wires, an uncovered electrical box, and questionable wiring, in general.

Today, we were told that the inspection would not take place if our camera was going to follow the city workers around. So, we captured discussion between the homeowner and inspectors outside of the home. After 20 minutes of looking inside the house and out, inspectors left.

“Now that you guys are involved, they’re showing more concern,” said Sharlene, who is the homeowner. She doesn’t want to use her last name, but did say the inspectors took pictures and notes this time around as opposed to the previous look-throughs. “I’m glad that you guys are involved in hopes that I can get some justice,” said Sharlene.

She explained the inspectors wondered if the contractor who left the rewiring unfinished would possibly be allowed back inside. “I don’t have a problem with him coming back and doing the work,” said Sharlene. “I just want a licensed electrician here with him to make sure the work is done correctly.”

From the start of all of this, Sharlene has said she just wanted a contractor to make sure her home was safe. “If he didn’t calculate everything correctly, we could possibly blow up the house or cause some electrical fire,” Sharlene told us. She has big plans for the house. “Hopefully pass this on to one of my children. So, I’m just hoping to get a house that works the way it’s supposed to work.”

Sharlene said one interesting thing about this inspection was that the workers asked about her working bathrooms.  She said she has them, but she’s not sure that that has to do with the electricity.

We will be getting more information about the inspection from the director of building and housing tomorrow.