8-year-old Hudson boy gives up birthday gifts, instead donates sports equipment to Akron school

Posted at 2:11 PM, Nov 18, 2016

When Colin Roubic's parents asked him what presents he wanted for his birthday, the 8-year-old gave an answer that was both surprising and inspiring.

The second grader at Seton Catholic in Hudson decided he wanted to to do something to help the kids in Akron Public Schools.

For his birthday party, Colin asked for footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, kick balls and jump ropes, but he didn't want any of them for himself. Instead, his plan was to donate all of them to inner city Akron school, McEbright CLC (elementary) on Cole Avenue.

Colin received nearly 100 balls, along with other gym equipment, and during Friday recess, Colin and his parents delivered the new items to the Akron school, bringing smiles to dozens of kids.

"I have lots of stuff and other people don't, so I wanted to donate something," Colin told News 5.

Colin's mother, Susan Roubic, said she tries to teach her children the importance of giving.

'I think kids have it in in their heart to want to give and make people happy. It's just nice when we can give them the opportunity to do so," she said.

McEbright gym teacher Mary Breiding said the donation was very much needed because playground equipment wears down quickly. She also said that some of the students will be allowed to take balls home as a reward for good behavior.

"For him to say to his mom, 'You know, mom, I really don't need gifts. My needs are met. I really want to help somebody out,' that just brings a tear to my eye," Breiding said.