Akron school children release balloons to remember girl and her family killed in fire

AKRON, Ohio - As a painful week comes to an end in Akron, family members and the community are still waiting for answers as to what caused a tragic house fire that killed five kids and two adults.

Friday afternoon, classmates and teachers gathered for a balloon launch at Helen Arnold Schol where one of the victims — Daisia Huggins — was a kindergartner.

Family members of the seven victims attended the launch and were touched by the outpouring of community support.

Brittany Boggs lost her mother, Angela Boggs and five siblings-- Cameron Huggins, 1, Alivia Huggins, 3, Kylle Huggins, 5, Daisia Huggins, 6, and Jered Boggs, 14.

"It's nice to know that she (Daisia) was loved in her school. All of her friends were there. It means a lot to me that I'm not the only one who is going to miss her," Brittany Boggs said.

Angela's boyfriend, Dennis Huggins also died in the fire. His brother, Anthony Huggins, noticed rain started falling-- like tears from heaven-- shortly after more than 100 pink balloons soared into the sky.

"When the balloons were released, it was like the rain drops began to fall and it just put an explanation point on the end of what it is we're doing here," Anthony Huggins said.

The case has taken detectives in many different directions, but over the last couple days it has led them to various homes around the Fultz Street area as they look for clues. 


Akron police execute search warrants in connection to fatal fire

Medical examiner: All 7 victims in Akron house fire died from smoke inhalation

Friday, authorities gathered surveillance video from a neighbor's home that could show if someone was near the house fire before it started around 3 a.m. Monday.

The owner of the video, declined an interview, but told News 5 he had not reviewed the video and wasn't aware if anything of evidentiary value was captured.

Akron police would not comment on any of evidence collected this week or say if the video could potentially show a suspect. 

There has not yet been a ruling on the cause of the fire. State investigators said a preliminary ruling could be released on Monday.

Saturday evening, the community will gather for a vigil outside the home. 


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