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Akron Airdock to house aerospace research, development with new sublease

Akron Airdock
Posted at 10:20 PM, Mar 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-05 23:22:47-05

AKRON, Ohio — The Akron Airdock is getting new use as an aerospace research and development company is set to move in, according to the City of Akron.

Almost 100 years after the first rigid airship was built in Akron, LTA Research is renewing research and investment into airship aviation technology in the city.

The City of Akron announced Friday that LTA Research entered into an agreement with the Development Finance Authority of Summit County and will be subleasing space at the Akron Airdock where it will house manufacturing and flight operations.

“We could not be more excited about LTA's increasing investment in airship research, development and manufacturing capabilities here in Akron,” said Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan is a press release. “The airship is such a recognizable symbol of our City and to see LTA reinvigorate this technology in the birthplace of airships is truly a full circle moment for our community. Akron is proud of our history as a place of innovation and we look forward to supporting LTA as they continue in that tradition.”

LTA Research has a focus in the research and development of 21st century piloted and unpiloted airships, finding innovative ways to deliver humanitarian aid, reduce carbon emissions and grow local economies

The company has already spent the last two years partnered with the University of Akron, designing, developing and testing small, unpiloted airships with help from graduate and undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and Polymer Science.

With the new partnership at the Akron Airdock, the City is hopeful hundreds of new jobs for University of Akron engineering students and graduates will be created, boosting the economy in the area significantly.

The DFA of Summit County has owned the Akron Airdock and leased it to Lockheed Martin since 2006. The DFA Board will consent to a sublease for LTA Research on Monday, the City of Akron said.