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Akron-Canton Airport announces $3.2 million upgrade amid rapid growth

Posted at 6:23 AM, Jul 09, 2024

AKRON-CANTON, Ohio — The Akron-Canton Airport is continuing its rapid expansion with a new $3.2 million upgrade.

This follows last month's announcement by Breeze Airways of a new non-stop flight to Los Angeles, with more routes under consideration.

The airport is not only seeing growth in its commercial operations but also in its business sector.

The airport also has a significant section dedicated to business operations. These upgrades represent new growth and potentially more jobs.

The latest project, funded by the Strategic Investment Fund, will provide new and improved hangars for the business sector.

"It’s not the sexiest project," says Lisa Dalpiza, Akron-Canton spokesperson. "It’s pavement, but it really makes a true difference and something we’ve been looking to do for years."

The $3.2 million project was recently signed off by the governor and aims to accommodate the larger aircraft now common in business aviation.

"Just the depth and the material composite we need to construct so it can withstand the weight of aircraft," said Dalpiza.

As aviation space is limited, this development could attract businesses looking to relocate to the region.

"We’re seeing our businesses offering more services, more aircraft. The aircraft are getting larger as well," Dalpiza said.

The economic impact of the Akron-Canton Airport is substantial, contributing a billion dollars annually to the local economy.

"If there’s one tenant who is able to expand here on this west side area that goes from 24 jobs to 50 jobs, that makes a big difference in this community," said Dalpiza.

The Strategic Investment Fund, which is financing this project, comprises surplus money from the previous year, being reinvested into infrastructure projects throughout the state.