Akron mother fed up with sewage backups into apartment

AKRON, Ohio - An Akron mother is fed up and demanding answers over what she calls "disgusting conditions" inside her apartment.

Kimyatta Mason, 23, said raw sewage backed up into her Hillwood II apartment on Nadia Court three times in less than two years.

"It's over the top. It's the third time that I've known it was feces on the carpet and they haven't tried to move me or anything," Mason told News 5.

Mason claims her complaints to management have fallen on deaf ears, and instead, she has been handed an eviction notice. She documented many of her concerns through videos posted to Facebook.

Mason said a drain from a utility closet most recently backed up in December, and the sewage spilled onto her carpet and up through her bathtub drain.

It's especially concerning, because she has two sets of twins. One set is 2 years-old, the other set is a year old.

"My kids are crawling and you can see they have toys, so they come out and bring the toys and they're playing with it, putting it in their mouths," Mason said.

The apartment lease manager was not around when a News 5 crew stopped by the office Monday afternoon, but maintenance worker Anthony Jackson said a plumbing company made repairs after the floods.

When asked about Mason's sewage concerns, Jackson said, "I was there at different times. I haven't seen that."

Mason said she asked management to either replace the carpets or move her family into another apartment, but wasn't granted either request.

"I really honestly felt like I was being pushed out of my own home."

The tension reached its boiling point on December 18 when a confrontation between Mason and a manager led to a police response.

According to a police report, the manager claimed Mason became "very aggressive and disrespectful", opened an office door and slammed it into the wall.

The report indicates the manager "jumped from her seat for fear of of being assaulted."

Mason denies turning aggressive. She said she went to the office to show a doctor's letter, which was requesting a mold inspection.

"I'm frustrated and I'm angry, but I'm not like an aggressive person," Mason said.

On January 3, Mason received a three-day eviction notice for "threatening the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by management staff.

An Akron fair housing advocate could not discuss the case specifically, but said that type of violation usually results in a 30-day notice to correct behavior, not an eviction.

Regardless, Mason said she doesn't want to move back into Hillwood II now. She has been staying with family and friends and is considering hiring an attorney to bring attention to the problems she experienced.

"I would like to find a comfortable place for me and my four children to stay."

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