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Akron schools introduce drastic changes to high school teaching model, start students on career path

Posted: 9:18 PM, Jan 24, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-25 06:25:32-05

Akron Public Schools will be drastically changing next year. The district is embracing a totally new model for high school education.

Starting in 2019, six Akron Public High Schools will totally restructure how they teach. The new structure is aimed at increasing job readiness and graduation rates. In Akron, that’s an area in need of drastic improvement.

“We’re looking for increased attendance rates, increased academics, increased graduation rates and we’re hoping, that’s what this will do for us,” said Patrick Bravo, Akron School Board President.

Whether a student's next step is college or pursuing a career, Akron high schools will begin to funnel kids into a career pathway. Starting their freshman year, they’ll need to choose one of several trajectories, similar to choosing a college major. From there, they’ll take courses to hone their skills and prepare them for college or a technical career.

“It’s really about changing the way we provide teaching and learning, redefining that and what it means in the City of Akron and better preparing our students for college or a career,” said Bravo. 

Akron Schools need all the help they can get. During the last school year, the district nearly failed every measure on the state’s report card.

“Public school systems throughout America are struggling,” said John Petures, Akron Community Foundation CEO.

The Akron Community Foundation is one of many Akron organizations and businesses committed to supporting the new curriculum initiative.

Planning for the new structure began in 2011. It will be officially rolled out in time for the 2019-2020 school year.