Akron students leave their mark on the city by painting the Mill Street Bridge underpass

Posted at 8:36 AM, Jun 26, 2017
Akron high school and college students are brightening up the city with another mural. 
The University of Akron’s Art Bomb Brigade and Arts LIFT programs have nearly finished painting the underpass of the Mill Street Bridge. 
The mural will greet visitors at the Mill Street entrance of the Freedom Trail. The area is under construction, but once the phase is complete, the trail will be about eight miles long from Middlebury Road near the Portage County line to the University of Akron campus, according to Nathan Eppink with the Summit County Metroparks.
“If we only keep art in the classroom, the world doesn’t see it,” said Dr. Elisa Gargarella, founder and creator of the programs. “This was set aside for us to work some magic!” 
It took 26 students about two weeks to paint bright geometric patterns, birds, trees and more on the underpass. The mural was inspired by the poem “Dawn Revisited” by Akron-native Rita Dove. Students worked with artist Mac Love to bring it to life. 
Tim Bekelesky, a recent Firestone Community Learning Center graduate, participated in the program because he wants to leave a mark on the city.
“I just wanted to come back in a couple years and maybe show my kids and say 'Hey, I did that',” said Bekelesky.