Akron's Interbelt Nite Club steps up security in wake of Orlando gay club shooting

Posted at 10:17 AM, Jun 15, 2016

One of Akron's popular bars, that primarily caters to gay and lesbian guests, is stepping up security after a mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub over the weekend.

Owners of the Interbelt Nite Club say all visitors will now be screened at the door by a member of the security team, who will use a metal-detecting wand to screen guests.

“They’re going to either have to show us what is causing the metal detector to go off or they’re not going to be admitted," Manager Charley Snyder said.

Additionally, an off-duty Akron police officer will be present for all events at the club.

The extra safety measures are designed to make people feel safe, but Snyder acknowledges they are not fullproof.

“If somebody is coming to to do what he’s doing," Snyder said, "He’s not going to come in and wait. He’s going to come in shooting.”

Information about the changes was posted to the club's Facebook page: "We ask that our patrons embrace these changes with the realization that in our ever changing world these precautions are necessary to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being."