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Barberton City School District dedicates school day to mental health education for students, staff

Barberton High School
Posted at 10:58 PM, Nov 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-03 22:58:17-05

BARBERTON, Ohio — Barberton City Schools District is making the mental health of its students and staff a top priority and to help them prioritize their mental health wellness, the district is dedicating an upcoming school day to teach stress and anxiety management.

The district said that it has noticed stress and anxiety growing more common in its buildings and it wanted to find a way to help support its students and staff with learning how to function during difficult times.

In order to do that, Barberton City School District will not hold normal classes, in-person or online, on Friday, Nov. 13—with students staying home and learning remotely from professionals about how to manage stress and anxiety.

Rather than standard coursework, students in the district will log on remotely and get support from the district’s mental health partners at Red Oak Behavioral Health, Coleman Professional Services, Child Guidance & Family Solutions, and Greenleaf Family Center.

Students will be taught coping mechanisms that may help them, their family, and their friends, the district said.

Staff will have a unique workday that Friday, receiving training on how to better help students, families, and themselves manage stress and anxiety.

“We appreciate you understanding this short pause to allow us to better prepare ourselves to manage through emotionally and mentally during this public health crisis,” the district wrote to the community.