Canal Fulton police officer answers when alleged thief calls friend for getaway ride

Posted at 4:04 PM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 19:49:45-04

A car break-in suspect was arrested last week after he accidentally called Canal Fulton police for a getaway ride.

On September 14, Krista Harbaugh called police after seeing two people walk up to her neighbors' cars and peer inside windows near the 690 block of Redwood Avenue.

Officers responded and were patrolling the area when Harbaugh saw the suspects duck down in a gray car parked nearby. She alerted police.

Authorities found 18-year-old Shyann Ehmer, and 22-year-old James Bearden, both of Massillon, sitting in the car.  

Bearden told authorities they were waiting on their friend, Benjamin Thompson, to come back to the car.

A search of the car revealed two GPS units, several wallets, bags and purses that did not belong to the suspect, the police report states.

While authorities were dealing with Ehmer and Bearden, a cell phone in the car rang and one of the officers answered it. Thompson, who had run to a Circle K about a mile away, was on the other end, according to police.

"Come get me at the store, the K," he said. 

The officer drove to Circle K, but didn't find Thompson at first. About two hours later, police received a call from the store clerk saying Thompson was sitting outside.  

The officer returned to the store and found Thompson still waiting for his ride and took him into custody.

Ehmer, Bearden and Thompson were all charged with receiving stolen property.