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Car belonging to disabled Canton man located by police in Perry Township

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Posted at 7:03 AM, Apr 26, 2022

CANTON, Ohio — Update: In an update from Canton police after this story was published, the car was recovered on April 24 in Perry Township. Police said the occupants fled from police and have not been located.

Robert Turner depends on things like oxygen and prescriptions to get through each day.

“I don’t get blood flow to my hip and leg,” he said.”I got bad COPD and I’m on oxygen 24/7. I’m on lots of medications,” he said. “My pulmonary doctor from Mercy is trying to get me in for a lung transplant now, so I’m going through that, too.”

Due to his health condition, he also is heavily dependent on his car to get to and from doctor’s appointments, the pharmacy and therapy. His partner, Laurie, also depends on their main mode of transportation.

“That was our whole life. That’s how we get around, her appointments, my appointments. That’s what we have, you know? That’s why we kept it up so well,” said Turner.

But now, they’re not sure how they’ll manage. Saturday morning, Turner’s car, a red- 1997 2-door Saturn sedan, was stolen from their Deville Apartment Complex parking lot.

“I looked out and my car was gone,” he said. “It’s clean. It’s like brand new. It’s a ’97 Saturn, 2 door, but it’s brand new underneath.”

He filed a police report with Canton police.

“They said it’s like a 50/50 chance and not to my hold my breath. They think, more than likely, they will chop it up and sell the parts.”

Turner said he doesn’t have the means to buy another car.

“I’ve been disabled for quite a long time. We get food stamps and aide and everything, we’re definitely a limited budget.”

And he had high hopes that whoever stole it, would see the oxygen, walker and the handicapped sticker and return the car.

“I was actually hoping to get up and they felt bad and I was going to look out and see my car parked again,” he said. “I really want my car back. It’s hard to believe that people at this day and age would do that to people.”

If you know anything about the car’s location or happen to spot it, call Canton Police.

The license plate number is FIC9915.