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Expert says Akron police body cam video of officer-involved shooting near bar paints clearer picture of threat

North Howard Akron Police Shooting
Posted at 7:03 AM, Aug 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-05 07:03:47-04

AKRON, Ohio — Nearly one week after an officer involved shooting that left a homicide suspect hospitalized, the Akron Police Department released body camera video capturing multiple angles of the incident.

It shows the tense moments before and after an officer opened fire on the woman.

Tim Dimoff, a national police and security expert, says it paints a much clearer picture of the imminent threat the officers faced when they were called to the scene on July 29th.

"I think the officer utilized proper protocols based on procedures and his training and such," said Dimoff.

One of the initial videos shows officers running down the street, feverishly searching through yards and then chasing the suspect around 3 a.m.

Akron Police were initially called to the Oasis Surf and Turf Bar on North Howard Street after police say that same 21-year-old woman shot another 21-year-old woman inside of the bar.

The victim ultimately passed away at a local hospital shortly after.

Police got multiple 911 calls that the suspect took off and was spotted running through the area.

Dimoff says the most crucial piece of video is when investigators locate the suspect in a parking lot.

The officer gives multiple verbal commands to show her hands.

He is heard shouting "Show me your hands!"

The video then shows the alleged suspect walk toward the officer.

She stops.

The video then shows her raise her right arm.

That’s when the officer opened fire—hitting and injuring the suspect.

"It appears that the suspect was not following those directions and made a threatening gesture, pointing her arm towards the officer," said Dimoff.

Akron's police chief Steve Mylett made similar comments to News 5 last week following the shooting.

"Based on what I saw in the video, it appears that the suspect put officers in a situation where they had to make a split-second decision," said Mylett.

Body camera video shows a gun was recovered from the scene near the suspect's body.

Akron Police say the officer shot her at least one time.

She was taken to the hospital and is now recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.

Dimoff claims the officer, who is a two year veteran, was given no other choice but to use his weapon due to the actions and perceived threat to their safety.

"That suspect pointed a right arm towards the officer and the officer then made a decision to, it appears to protect himself."

BCI is currently working to determine if the officer's actions were justified.

In the interim--the officer remains on paid administrative leave.

Stay with News 5 for the latest ongoing developments.