'I still hear her screams,' says friend who witnessed Canton quadruple shootings

Carried victim's young son to safety
Posted at 4:02 PM, Mar 31, 2017

Brandon Posey was sitting on the couch with a three-year-old boy when a gunman burst through the door. 

Police say Tres Peterson, 21, was the suspect who shot and killed three people before taking his own life on March 30.

According to police, Peterson was the ex–fiancé of Cheyenne Calderon. The pair reportedly dated for two to three months before breaking up a week ago. 

Posey, a friend of Calderon, carried her son to safety when gunshots rang out. He saw Peterson shoot one of two family dogs and chase Calderon into the next room. 

That's when he heard several gunshots.

Calderon, her mother Kelly Freshour and Freshour’s boyfriend Timothy Keyser were all struck and killed. 

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When the boy started running to the doorway, Posey said he made a split decision, picked up the child and ran out the front door.  

“It’s the least I could do,” Posey said. “It’s the only option I had.” 

Police said that's when Peterson went into the kitchen and killed himself. 

"Her blood was on my hands, my pants, my coat," he said. "That was from making sure to see if she had a pulse."  

Posey said he’s heartbroken he could not save the others but he's glad he got to the boy out of the house. 

“I was there for a reason. There’s a reason Cheyenne ran that way and into me,” he said. “If she had run into me all three of us would have been dead.” 

Police say the little boy has been placed with his mother’s grandparents. 

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