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Masked man caught on camera stealing equipment from Springfield Township towing business

Posted at 4:41 PM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-29 18:31:57-05

A towing business in Springfield Township captured surveillance video of a masked man who stole  equipment, and may be responsible for other crimes against auto businesses.

The break-in to Akron Coach Towing on Massillon Road happened in the early morning hours of November 25.

The video shows the crook wandering around the yard and holding a gun, which is alarming to Jason Main who works at the family business.

"The video is pretty disturbing to know that one of my operators could have come in here at 6 o'clock in the morning, bringing in a traffic incident or something in, and he's standing there with a gun. You just never know," Main said.

Main said the thief rummaged through most of the impounded or salvaged cars and stole at least one stereo.

Other items that were stolen included wireless tow lights, a light bar from a tow truck, two sets of tow truck keys and other expensive equipment.

"It hurts our business for the week. Instead of being out towing cars like we normally are, we've got to be here trying to put things back together," Main said.

One set of stolen truck keys was later located inside a stolen van abandoned at Gary's Car Care on Mogadore Road in Akron.

Owner Gary Smith said the van was filled with stolen items.

"There was a bunch of saws, a pressure washer, some aluminum rims, power inverters," Smith said.

Police suspect whoever dumped the van also broke into a garage at C & U Equipment, also on Mogadore Road, and stole a truck.

Both Main and Smith said they're beefing up security at their businesses and hope that someone recognizes the crook caught on camera.

"I hope they get caught," Main said. "I have no use for a thief."

Springfield police said there will be heightened patrols in the business area as officers continue to follow possible leads.