Mayor introduces one year freeze on cultivating, processing, sale of medical marijuana in Akron

Posted at 9:24 PM, Sep 12, 2016

On Monday Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan introduced legislation to impose a one-year freeze on the cultivation, processing or sale of medical marijuana within the City of Akron. 

The freeze would include the "issuance or processing of any license, building permit, certificate of occupancy, conditional use or other authorization enabling the cultivation, processing or dispensing of medical marijuana." Members of the Akron City Council unanimously approved the Mayor's recommendation during Monday's meeting.

The City of Akron is exercising its authority under Ohio Revised Code Section 3796.29.  

Mayor Horrigan said that while Ohio legalized marijuana this summer they have not yet issued rules and regulations regarding licensing and physical recommendations.

Horrigan wants to use the year moratorium to study the effect of the new law on neighborhoods and "determine the best path forward."