'Don't dive' heard moments before plane crash

Posted at 1:15 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 05:38:34-04

The National Transportation Safety Board released on Wednesday the public docket regarding the Akron plane crash that killed all nine people on board in November 2015.

Click here to view the 49 documents in the docket.

The 1,100 pages released give us some clues as to what happened in the moments before the crash. 

What stands out is that there doesn't seem to be any mechanical issues.

A transcript from the cockpit voice recorders reveals the sounds of power increasing and decreasing.

One of the pilots mentions overcast conditions and a mile-and-a-half visibility. But aviation expert Tim Lanigan doesn't believe that could have played a significant role. 

"They both were trained to fly in the clouds," Lanigan told "The weather was right at the minimum for the approach, but I wouldn't say the visibility was an issue with it. A plane landed right before them."

Then, at 2:51 p.m., the captain says to the first officer, who was operating the plane at the time, "you're diving, you're diving, don't dive!"

Thirty seconds later the cockpit voice recorder captures them saying "oh, oh, oh" and then a clunk sound.

That's the last of it before the recorder stops.

The report also revealed new details about the pilots on the plane.

It states that first officer Renato Marchese was the one flying the plane at the time of the crash and, while he was no stranger to flying, he had a history of problems. 

Prior to his employment at ExecuFlight, Marchese worked for SkyKing. His personnel file shows he struggled with memory problems and had issues managing weight and balance. Even more troubling, he was terminated in February 2015 for failing to attend training. 

The captain also had a history of problems. Oscar Chavez lost his job at Heralpin USA in 2015. Personnel records show he also failed to stay current on flight training.

ExecuFlight hired both pilots within 60 days of their terminations.

Autopsy results show both pilots died from smoke inhalation. 

Diana Suriel, Ori Rom, Nick Weaver, Gary Shapiro, Thomas Virgin, Jared Weiner, Diane Smoot, Renato Marchese and Oscar Chavez were killed when the small twin-engine plane crashed into power lines, then a four-unit apartment building on Mogadore Road, causing the building and an adjacent building to catch fire. The plane landed in an embankment.

The bodies of all victims were recovered at the crash scene.