Speciality Walgreens pharmacy to open in Akron, focusing on complex health needs

Posted at 12:48 PM, Jun 23, 2017

According to our partners at the Akron Beacon Journal, drugstore giant Walgreens is opening a specialty pharmacy in downtown Akron next month. 

"Community, A Walgreens Pharmacy" will open on South Main Street at Cedar Street. 

Community pharmacies differ from typical Walgreens locations, focusing on helping people with complex health needs. The Akron location will initially focus on HIV/Aids, chronic inflammatory disease and cancer. 

The pharmacy-only store will also be noticeably different in size, too, at just 1,900 square feet. The typical full-service Walgreens drugstore is about 14,400 square feet. 

Four employees will staff the Akron location: two pharmacists and two pharmacy technicians. 

According to the Walgreens corporate pressroom, "Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy empower patients with complex conditions to access their specialty and traditional medications, navigate the complexities of their treatment and receive comprehensive support when and where they need it most." 

The Akron location will join a collection of 260 specialty Community pharmacies across the country.