This one mistake foiled the coin-operated vacuum heist of the century

AKRON, Ohio - Note to self: If you're going to go through the trouble of breaking into a coin-operated vacuum at an automotive shop before stealing a U-Haul truck from a nearby business, don't leave a flashlight with your DNA on it that ties you to the crime scene.

That's how one alleged criminal was caught, according to police. Santino Camarca, 40, of Akron, was arrested after authorities sent the flashlight to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for analysis and it came back with a match.

Police said Camarca allegedly broke into the coin machines at Irace Automotive on March 22. The U-Haul was allegedly taken from a different business on West Exchange Street. 

Camarca was later arrested and charged with aggravated possession of drugs, driving under suspension, receiving stolen property, drug abuse, and tampering with coin machines.


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