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Avon officer charged for punching Jack Casino security guard fired in June

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jul 16, 2018

An Avon police officer was fired last month for allegedly assaulting a Jack Casino security guard back in April after he was told to leave the property for trying to look up a waitress' skirt.

James Cline, 30, was terminated from the Avon Police Department on June 15, according to a letter provided to News 5.

According to a Cleveland police report, on April 6, Cline was approached by casino security after he was spotted trying to look under the skirt of a waitress. When the guard told Cline he would need to leave the property, Cline allegedly took a sip of beer and spit on the guard, the report said.

The guard escorted the Avon officer to the elevator, which is when, according to the report, Cline "sucker-punched" him. The guard and another security officer subdued Cline, and he was placed under arrest.

Cline was charged with disorderly conduct - intoxication and assault.

While being escorted out of the casino, Cline identified himself as an Avon police officer, and provided the address of the Avon Police Department as his home address after being arrested, according to the termination letter.

While in police custody, Cline was “uncooperative,” and had to be secured – handcuffed with a spit hood over his head, the letter states. He repeatedly mentioned his position as an Avon police officer, and berated State Gaming Agents and uniformed Cleveland police officers, calling them “wannabees” and claiming they were “just trying to get stats.”

The termination letter concluded that Cline did commit misconduct by violating city and department policy.

“In consideration of the seriousness of these offenses and violations and your short tenure with the Avon Department of Police, you are hereby terminated from your employment as a Patrol Office effective at the close business (4:30 p.m.) today,” the letter states.

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