Breast cancer survivor reveals her 'magic pill'

Posted at 9:32 PM, Oct 10, 2016

Twenty years ago Darlene Houry, a mother of three, was diagnosed with Breast cancer. 

"My husband would come to all of my appointments with me," Houry recalled. 

While she had her husband to hold her hand, the manager of the Curves in Willoughby Hills used exercise to clear her head. 

"It helps with the stress levels. They have said that if there is a magic pill, it would be exercise," she explained.

Twenty years later, working out continues to be an important part of her life.  

"I am strong. I can go to my grandsons who are four, two and almost eight months and I can play with them," she said with a smile. 

Houry knows all too well that not everyone is as lucky as she has been with their battle against Breast cancer. 

She explained, "Five years ago I did lose my sister to Breast cancer and she had more of an aggressive form than I did."

The disease caused harm to her family but also gave Houry a greater appreciation for those around her. 

 "It is not easy to go through things alone," She explained. "That support, just knowing that someone is out there thinking of you just helps you so much."