Crime in Cleveland's Old Brooklyn neighborhood reaches a peak

City leaders call neighborhood meeting
Posted at 10:09 PM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-22 06:23:24-04

Residents in Cleveland's Old Brooklyn neighborhood are living in fear after a series of burglaries, robberies and even gunfire in recent weeks.

Betty Slatinsky has lived in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood for 40 years and said she's never seen so much crime and police activity near her home.

Slatinsky referred to a neighborhood home shot-up by robbers on September 19, and a woman dragged by a robbers car at the Old Brooklyn Walgreens on September 15.

"Cops are running around with guns showing, and there I am in the house," said Slatinsky. "I mean it's scary. We had a nice quiet neighborhood here, everybody was friendly, everybody spoke with each other. Now you're afraid to talk with each other for fear they might have a gun at you."

Cleveland Councilman Kevin Kelley responded to the crime spree in his ward with a neighborhood meeting, including 100 residents and leaders with the Cleveland Police second district.

Kelley said police have now added a special burglary detail to cope with the increase in property crime.

"Let me say loud and clear, I hear people," said Kelley. "What is different about this is the number of break-ins, and the brazenness of the criminals."

Kelley said police have some good leads on a suspect who may be involved with many of the cases that have hit his ward, and he's now put together a $1,000 reward for a tip that leads to an arrest.