CLE fights growing illegal dumping with 12 additional surveillance cameras

12 additional cameras hope to catch crooks dumping
Posted at 10:07 PM, Aug 31, 2016

Cleveland's Environmental Crimes Task Force is fighting back against illegal dumping with twelve additional video surveillance cameras.

It's an investment costing the city tens of thousands of dollars.

Cleveland Police Sergeant Andy Ezzo said that brings the total number of cameras used to catch illegal dumping to 24.

Ezzo told Cleveland has already identified 5,000 illegal dumping sites throughout the city and explained the cameras are critical in getting arrests and convictions.

"So with these extra cameras, now we can set them up in different places," explained Ezzo. "If we get a call from somebody who thinks they really need cameras there, and we deem they do, we can set them up there."

"We don't only have cameras in Cleveland, we have them throughout the county.  We used them in the past and we will use them in the future.  Like I said, if you're on video, you can't deny it."

Ezzo said his team of detectives did an outstanding job in tracking down a suspect in a dumping case involving the personal records of hundreds of northeast Ohio residents.

The records were found dumped in dozens of boxes, strewn along Train Avenue.

"They went through the trash, they found out where it came from, they followed the leads to the actual place where it came from," said Ezzo.

It was a case that was brought to the attention of by Cleveland resident Rebecca Barker.

Barker said she is pleased Cleveland police are now using more surveillance cameras, and will soon make an arrest in the case.

"Something's got to be done it angers me," said Barker.

"We are tired of it.  We want you to go to jail and pay for what you've done to these people."

Ezzo explained those caught dumping solid waste face two felony counts, and if convicted, could be given 2 to 4 years in jail and a fine of up to $20,000.

Those who wish to report illegal dumping should contact the Cleveland illegal dumping hotline at 216-664-DUMP.