Cleveland littered by abandoned boats in multiple west side neighborhoods

Residents want city hall to take action
Posted at 11:16 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 02:23:54-04

Multiple neighborhoods on Cleveland's west side have been littered by abandoned boats, raising questions about the cities bulk pick-up program response time. 

Many of the the boats were left cut in pieces, blocking alleys and sidewalks in neighborhoods from West 43rd Street to West 65th Street, in between Storer and Clark Avenue.

Cleveland Police are actively searching for the people responsible for dumping the 8 boats, some were left on their trailers.

Residents told they want the city to take quicker action in removing large trashed items, especially when it comes to bulk pick-up items left on tree lawns. contacted Cleveland Public Works Director Mike Cox about this issue and he pledged to look into bulk pick-up delays.

Cox said residents are also responsible for delays when they exceed the three item maximum for bulk pick-up.

The City of Cleveland issued the following instructions when it comes to bulk pick-up:

The city provides collection of large bulk items on the second week of the month, the same day as automated collection. Items listed below must be placed three feet away from your carts, (if you have the appropriate space).

Acceptable bulk items (3 items only):

- Furniture, mattresses, couches, shelving, fencing, house doors, storm windows, TVs, and bicycles • Bundled branches, tree limbs and shrubs (old waste containers may be used to dispose of yard waste only) • Appliances (stoves, washers, dryers)

Round-up items: Throughout the year, several round-ups are held to help properly dispose of items not regularly collected.

- Household Hazardous Waste: First Friday of each month
- Computer and Cell Phone Drop Off: Year Round, Mon.-Fri.
- Tire Roundup: Sept. 8-12, 2015, and Sept. 6-10, 2016, limit 10
- Year Round Shredding (5600 Carnegie Avenue ONLY)

Special waste items such as oil-based paints, pesticides, caustic household cleaners, scrap tires, and e-waste are managed through special collection or recycling programs. These items can be dropped off at 5600 Carnegie or 3727 Ridge Road, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

Large items that do not fit into carts such as: appliances (stoves, refrigerators, microwaves); table sets (table and 4 chairs = one item); mattresses and box springs; and couches and other furniture are considered bulk.

Q: What do I do with my bulk trash when it is not the second week? A: You need to hold onto these items until bulk pick-up week. Additionally, you have the options of renting a dumpster from the City of Cleveland or another private hauler and placing all of your items in the dumpster or taking the items to the Ridge Road Transfer Station and dumping for free (restrictions may apply). If you need to set out bulk items other than the 2nd week of the month, you must call (216) 664-3711 to schedule.

Residential Dumping
216.664.3162 or 664.4509 – Mondays to Saturdays 9am to 3 pm – 3727 Ridge Road

This program allows residents to dispose up to 4 cubic yards of garage, yard and household debris or appliances at no cost 4 times annually. Proof of residency is required in the form of photo ID and current vehicle registration. Trailers must be less than 4x8 feet. The fee for additional dumps (5 and more per year- payable by credit card only) is $46.61 per ton for solid waste and $49.29/ton for bulk waste. Tire disposal fee varies. Refunds are not available.

Prohibited debris includes: brick, dirt, concrete, cinder blocks, auto parts, drums, barrels, hazardous materials, liquid waste, and material violating EPA regulations. Prohibited vehicles are: large trailers, cargo vans, stake body vehicles, dump trucks, commercial vehicles or those with truck plates, those which are enclosed or have ladder racks, pick-up trucks with built-up side boards, and trucks with additional trailers attempting to dump as one load. Refunds are not available.