CLE motorcycle crash has residents upset with a rash of wrong way drivers

Motorcycle crash caused by wrong way driver
Posted at 11:36 PM, Jul 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-31 23:38:16-04

Frank Cramer can't believe how close he and his 19-year-old son came to being seriously hurt or killed, after a wrong way driver caused them to crash their motorcycle.

The entire incident was caught on surveillance video.

Cramer was forced to dump his motorcycle onto the pavement on Lorain Road with his son riding on the back, after a vehicle headed the wrong way on West 41st Street in Cleveland pulled out in front of them.

The July 29 incident has Cramer and residents living in that neighborhood calling for stepped up enforcement, because Cramer believes wrong way driving on West 41st Street, and on West 44th Street is happening way too often.

"When we first got up after the crash, we're trying to get the bike started, and my sons yelling let's try to catch him, let's try to get a plate number or something," said Cramer. "It's very scary because if we would've made contact with that car or hit the curb, or a pole we could be dead."

Cramer described the suspect vehicle as a 1998 to 2000 Honda Accord, light grey in color, with a sunroof.

Anyone with information about this vehicle is being asked to contact the Cleveland Police Second District detective bureau.

Cramer and his son were wearing helmets, and weren't seriously hurt.

Cramer believes drivers need to be more aware of motorcycle riders, and riders need to wear helmets and safety jackets.

"I'm glad I was wearing the helmet, I was glad I was wearing it," said Cramer. "I don't wear helmets, but believe me i'm thinking about it more now."