Cleveland multi-car neighborhood crash has residents calling for more police patrols

Posted at 10:18 PM, Feb 03, 2017

Residents living on Gifford Avenue on Cleveland's west side are now asking for tougher police enforcement, after a multiple car accident in their neighborhood.

Christopher Diluzio captured the crash aftermath on video with his smartphone, just moments after a woman behind the wheel slammed into a parked car and started a chain reaction collision, that damaged four vehicles in front of his home.

"It sounded like somebody shattering our windows in our driveway, and as soon as we came outside we saw the lady trying to kick her door open," said Diluzio.

"The blue car took all the impact. It hit the red car and smashed the whole front of the red car."

Diluzio said no one was hurt at the scene, but explained it took police more than an hour to get the scene, and another hour to give the driver a field sobriety test.

"We're watching it and she's stumbling, and you can clearly hear the cop have to repeat himself a few times," said Diluzio.

"Yes, we thought she failed a few times, but it ended up they let her go that night."

Diluzio said police told him the driver passed the field sobriety test and was cited for failing to control her vehicle.

Diluzio told News 5 the crash is just one in a series of safety issues in his Gifford Avenue neighborhood which have left residents concerned.

Diluzio pointed to other accidents, speeding and drivers consistently blowing through the stop signs near his home.

"My neighbors here, they got five kids," explained Diluzio.  "The neighbors upstairs got kids. The people at the corner got kids."

News 5 contacted Cleveland Police Headquarters about the crash investigation, and we are still waiting for a response.

Diluzio is hoping the city will put up "children playing" signs on his street, and increase police patrols.