CLE police report U-Haul employee caught on-camera dumping using company truck

Incident caught on-camera by alert resident
Posted at 10:31 PM, Aug 15, 2017

Cleveland police are investigating after they report a U-Haul employee was caught on-camera using a company vehicle to dump debris on Train Avenue on the city's west side.

The incident was captured by Stockyard Connection Block Club leader Becky Barker, who used her smartphone to record the dumping in progress.

Police say the suspect was still wearing his U-Haul uniform and I.D. badge, and was caught tossing pounds of tree debris under a bridge that goes over Train Avenue.

Barker says the suspect admitted he was doing the wrong thing, and that U-Haul had no idea he was using the company truck to transport tree limbs and debris.

Barker says illegal dumping is chronic problem on Train Avenue in Cleveland.

"I could not believe that he was actually doing that," said Barker. "I did a double take, and that's when I just started hitting the record button."

Barker says the suspect could have paid $40 to take the debris to the city dump, and says she's hoping the man doesn't lose his job, she'd rather see him do community service work and clean-up the mess.

U-Haul responded quickly to the incident and issued the following statement:

"This morning, U-Haul was made aware of a potential dumping incident by a Team Member.

Our local General Manager worked with the Stockyards Commission to determine the identity of the Team Member.

This individual worked at a U-Haul location across town and had rented a U-Haul vehicle on his own time to do a yard clean-out. This individual no longer works at U-Haul.

U-Haul aims to improve communities by providing the mobility products and services that contribute to the resiliency and vibrancy of communities, including the adaptive reuse of old buildings and by being a good neighbor to those around us.

Any form of indecency or disrespect for our communities does not reflect our values at U-Haul."

Cleveland police say it's still not clear what charges the man will face in this case.

Residents who see dumping of waste, tires or debris on vacant lots, at abandoned homes or in the streets, are asked to call the DUMP Hotline at 216-664-DUMP (3867).