Cleveland resident captures video of violence, drug activity at vacant west side house

Residents deal with suspected drug house
Posted at 11:26 PM, Jan 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-13 07:58:52-05

Residents living on West 58th Street on Cleveland's west side are living in fear, because of a vacant home they claim has been generating violence and suspected drug activity for more than two years.

Residents report the most recent incident occurred on January 10, when 15 suspects stormed the house, breaking windows and knocking down the front door.

The attack was captured on a home surveillance system owned by Stockyard Connection Block Club President David Reuse.

Reuse told News 5 he's witnessed multiple acts of violence inside and outside the home, including three shootings.

One of the shootings was captured on video by his outdoor security camera.

"Every single neighbor was watching it from in the house, but they didn't want to be seen or get involved," said Reuse.

"Somebody is going to get shot and seriously injured or killed if we can't get something done with it."

Reuse said he and his neighbors have reported the house to police and the City of Cleveland more than 100 times, but so far the Cleveland Department of Building and Housing hasn't taken any steps to tear down the vacant property.

Reuse said the situation is compounded because electric service continues to operate at the house, allowing squatters to use space heaters and occupy the hazardous property.

News 5 contacted the Cleveland Mayor's office about the home, hoping to track down the owner and get electric service stopped at the home.