CLE residents complain about uncut vacant lots, some owned by the city

Some unkempt lots owned by the City of Cleveland
Posted at 10:56 PM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 22:56:20-04

Some residents living on Cleveland's west side are tired of dealing with uncut vacant lots in their neighborhoods.

Chris Green told News 5 he's been living across the street from an overgrown vacant lot on W. 59th all summer, and believes it's a health hazard that's threatening the safety of his three children.

"It's very hazardous," said Green. "I've seen a couple of rats, couple of mice coming from there into my house."

"They haven't been out one time this summer. Not one time this summer to cut that."

Green said he was stunned to learn the vacant lot is actually owned by the City of Cleveland land bank, and claimed he called the city several times to cut the high weeds, with no results.

"They'd be like, we'll have somebody come out today to inspect it," said Green. "The exact words every time. Inspect it today, we'll have someone come out today."

News 5 reached out to the city department of building and housing, and sent the addresses of three properties owned by its land bank.

Meanwhile Cleveland Housing County Judge Ron O'Leary stressed the importance of lawn maintenance.

O'Leary said property owners who don't keep their lawns below 8 inches could be cited, or even have the city come out and cut the lawn for them, and have a $400 bill sent to their attention.

O'Leary said it's important residents report potentially hazardous uncut lots to the city, and get health inspectors to the scene.