Cleveland residents sound-off on illegally placed campaign signs

Campaign signs not to be posted on public property
Posted at 10:43 PM, Aug 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-16 22:44:07-04

Some Cleveland residents shared their frustrations on Wednesday about illegally posted campaign signs found throughout the city.

According to city ordinance, political signs shall not be placed on any public property, public right-of-way, utility pole, bridge or bridge abutment.

However, virtually every candidate is in violation of city law, with signs posted along freeway ramps and on city property.

Metro West Development clean-up manager Dave Reuse says he's tired of removing illegally placed campaign signs that are littering the landscape, and are too often not cleaned-up after a major election.

"It's disgusting, these guys are city officials, should they know the law, do they know the law," said Reuse. "None of these guys pay people to go out and clean up what they've litter up. It's time to be responsible and accountable for your signage and clean up all of that after you're done with it."

Reuse says it is far too difficult for Cleveland police to keep after political violators, and he believes it's up to residents to report illegally placed signs to city hall.

Cleveland's Safety Director issued a memo to all candidates about illegally posted signs on August 7, saying violators who didn't remove them within 48 hours could be fined up to $15 per day.