Cleveland residents speak-out on Facebook about credit card fraud

Residents want clerks to check cards on big buys
Posted at 11:38 PM, May 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-31 06:27:23-04

Cleveland residents are actively using the police second district Facebook page to help detectives track down credit card crooks.

Residents are regularly responding to surveillance pictures of suspects on the Second District Community Relations Committeepage.

According Robert Shores, a citizen volunteer, who has helped to run the page since 2011, the page has helped police make numerous arrests.

But some residents commenting on the Facebook page are frustrated store clerks aren't asking for ID or checking for signature confirmation on purchases over $50.

According to reports, major credit card companies aren't requiring retailers to ask consumers to present ID, or ask for signature confirmation at the register on larger buys.

Shores said crooks are keenly aware of this policy, putting even more emphasis on the consumer to keep track and monitor their credit cards and accounts.

"When it's easy for a criminal to commit that crime, chances are he's going to commit that crime," said Shores.

"I would like to see identification requested.  I used to thank the cashier when they would ask for identification, because it protects my finances, but it's been years."

Cleveland BBB President Sue McConnell said it's critical shoppers keep track of their purses and wallets while in stores, or in their vehicles.

"Crooks, they're pros at what they do, and they will watch you, and wait for an opportunity," said McConnell.

"They are very quick to steal a purse, steal a wallet."

Meanwhile, Shores told News 5 the second district website has been so successful, it's now being duplicated in Cleveland's first and fourth districts.