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Cleveland GiveCamp helps non-profits stand out online to connect with their communities

Posted at 6:32 PM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-12 18:34:13-04

Their mission is simple: help those who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

Non-profits in Northeast Ohio work hard to help those in need, but a lack of cash can make it challenging for them to stay connected to the communities they serve.

That's where Cleveland GiveCamp comes in. They call themselves "geeks in the home of Rock and Roll coding for charity," and soon hundreds of them will come together to share their skills with social service organizations struggling to stand out online, helping them to connect with their communities.

For years, Ursuline Piazza, a non-profit that provides education and support services to hundreds of people who are HIV positive, used only a very basic website not even compatible with cell phones or iPads. Reaching those in need of life-saving medications or transportation to doctor visits fell short.

Sister Susan Zion, who runs the organization, reached out to Cleveland GiveCamp, which helped the non-profit reach those in need of its services.

"I'm so grateful to them. We have a beautiful website," Zion said.

Each summer, nearly two dozen organizations like Ursuline Piazza have the chance to get a free tech upgrade.

"Demand continues to grow every year," said Jim Gorjup with Cleveland GiveCamp.

A wide range of tech-savvy volunteers join the effort to share their talents and help these organizations.

"There's developers, database analysts, project managers, designers, copywriters," Gorjup said.

There are give camps across the country, but the largest one is right here in Northeast Ohio.

"It speaks volumes what Cleveland and Clevelanders do, and what they're capable of," Gorjup said.

Zion said since the website change, the organization's reach and mission has grown.

"We've gotten a lot more hits on our website than we did several years ago. I am always so amazed at how generous people are," Zion said.

Cleveland GiveCamp is accepting applications now through May 15th from Northeast Ohio non-profits who are looking to update their websites.