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'I just can't sleep at night': 911 call that prompted police to search yard for remains released

Posted at 5:25 PM, Dec 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-21 09:42:52-05

Cleveland police released Wednesday the 911 call from a tipster that led police to a yard where human remains, consistent with those of a child, were found.

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In the call, the man, who said he is in the Air Force and was overseas in Pakistan, told dispatchers that his brother confessed to burying a child in the backyard of his home. 

Listen to a portion of the 911 call in the media player above.

"It's kind of messed up, the whole situation, but my brother told me something and I just can't sleep at night," he said. "I feel like I need to tell you something."

Read more from the call below: 

  • "He told me that something happened with one of the kids and they didn't call the cops and basically him and his girlfriend buried the kid in the backyard. Mind you, my brother is known to lie a lot so I kind of blew it off."
  • "It’s not one of his kids, it's one of her kids. What he told me was he came home, his girlfriend called him and he rushed home. He told me the boy was unresponsive. He told me this kid had a lot of problems, had like one lung and one kidney. I don’t even know if that part is true."
  • "Mind you he is locked up in Medina County for child support. Mind you I don’t even know if its true. I just know what he told me — I couldn't’ keep...and I was just like you need to call the cops."
  • "He didn't really give me an exact time frame, he made it seem like it was months ago. That’s why I was really mad, I thought he told me in a day or so. I asked what on earth would make you not call the cops or the ambulance."
  • "Right before he went in jail is when he told me. I didn’t really believe him. He got locked up the next day so I couldn’t confirm if it was true. I just kinda felt like it at least needs to be looked into. I really don’t feel he’s at fault, maybe I’m being biased because he’s my brother but what kind of mother would bury her kid in the backyard?"
  • "I asked somebody out of confidence — 'hey what do you think I should do?' — and this person was kinda like, 'well I’m gonna call the cops,’ and I was like ‘you know what, no one is going to call the cops, if anyone is going to call the cops it’s going to be me.' It’s going to be directly from me.  He’s the one that told me. I’m the one that can corroborate everything and I just didn’t want somebody else turning in my brother."
  • "It’s a sad situation because I know he was crying when he told me, and that’s what made me kinda believe his sincerity but I was never able to verify directly, but I know I couldn’t sleep at night and I was like man, you know what, and when I told this person what do you think, they were like I’ma call the cops — and I’m like man I can maybe be in Cleveland on Wednesday if everything goes well. I was going to do it in person. I was like I’m not gonna have that happen and not come from me."