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A local woman helps kids enjoy more than just Thanksgiving dinner

Posted at 6:02 PM, Nov 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-22 11:33:17-05

When hard times like a fire, eviction or flood happen for some of us, getting our basic needs met can be a struggle. But one local woman has been meeting the community’s needs for years with a special free store and now a few kids on Cleveland’s East Side are getting something special from her.

“I think sometimes we take for grant it that because it is a holiday, that everybody’s celebrating,” said Barbara Anderson, Founder of the free store Another Chance Ohio.

For some kids at The Little Scholars Childcare And Enrichment Center on Carnegie, they’re faced with a more grown-up type of reality.

“You’d be surprised, some of these children face a lot of adversity, I mean some of our parents have recently reported homelessness,” said Michelle Clark, one of the Administrators for The Little Scholars Childcare And Enrichment Center.

Stepping in for the community is Anderson’s specialty.

“We also like to spend a little more time making sure the children are taking care of, past the food,” Anderson said.

Caring for those in need, whether at her free store, which is full of donated items, or giving to kids on days like today.

“We certainly try to fulfill those resources that people are looking for,” she said.

She passed out free donated toys, games, and books for all ages, which is something some might not normally have to play with and use at home.

“[It’s] an opportunity just to be kids at this particular time,” Anderson said.

“This special treat from Another Chance Of Ohio comes at the perfect time,” Clark said.

Putting hope and joy in the kid's hearts, like 4-year-old Lawrence Ford, for the next big holiday.

“Santa clause got presents and toys if Santa clause gets killed he not going bring you no presents,” he said.

Throughout this holiday season, Anderson said her store needs toiletries the most, like this toilet paper roll or wipes.

Another Chance Of Ohio is located on E ast 65th Street in Cleveland.