Animal shelter delivers dogs to new homes

Posted at 5:39 PM, Dec 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-24 18:28:52-05

Dogs in the kennel barking: around this time of year it could be the sound of the canines asking for their one Christmas wish—adoption.

"We do adopt out a lot of dogs at Christmas time especially," said Jen Huettich, Volunteer Coordinator at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.

Her volunteers have been working with 7-month-old Snow White and Jane Frost, two sisters who were brought to the animal shelter two weeks ago.

Huettich said, “They were in good condition when we found them ... but because all the dogs we take in are strays we don't know anything about their background."

But despite that missing information, in just a matter of days they were spoken for.

“It's really great when we get dogs in pairs. They're super super super friendly. They love playing with each other, they get along famously with other dogs, they're great," said Huettick.

And today they're getting exactly what they wish for: a home.

The shelter's new program, Operation Jingle Tails, will deliver the four-legged duo for free as a Christmas courtesy.

Lauren Reagle, the new owner of the dogs, expressed her excitement.

“We're really excited about them getting here and the fact that they're getting delivered is even better."

After leaving her 13-year-old dog with her parents, she has been looking for the perfect pet—and found it, times two.

“We decided to take both of them because they were just so great together and we couldn't bear to see them separated. And when we met with them we just loved both of them," she said.

Volunteers for Operation Jingle Tails have delivered nearly a dozen adopted dogs to their owners today.

This was the first year for the program and the shelter says they plan to continue it every year.


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