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Apartments for seniors in Cleveland taken over by maggots, mice and rats

Posted at 6:34 PM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 19:46:34-05

The carpets in the hallways are filthy and residents say rats are taking over their apartments.

"Every day they are sweeping up maggots trying to keep them from coming into their homes. That's ridiculous," said resident Sylvia Howard.

Howard says she's been living at the Broadway Place Apartments on 71st and Broadway for four years. The apartment for seniors looks pristine and updated on the outside, but on the inside, residents say it's a different story.

Cell phone videos taken by residents show hallways with mice and maggots.

"We clean the building ourselves," said Sylvia. "We have to. This where we live. Who wants to live in filth? So if they don't do it, we have to do it"

A few months ago, Tenisha Mock took a job to manage the place and was shocked. She no longer works there.

"It was literally maybe three or four hundred maggots in the hallway," said Mock.

RLJ Management owns Broadway Place Apartments. Mock showed News 5 a text message exchange between herself and Kim Myers, the regional manger at RLJ. In the message, Mock is asking for a housekeeper to clean the common areas, but Myers says "no" and tells Mock, "It's been that way for years. I know how it is."

News 5 spoke with Myers on the phone. She says all of these problems have been addressed and she adds the residents need to take responsibility and keep their apartments clean.

Mock also shared with News 5 emails she sent to a representative from the city of Cleveland. According to those emails, they recently sent the health department to the apartment building to check out the conditions.