Bernie Kosar looks to help others in new book "Learning to Scramble"

Posted at 7:15 AM, Sep 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-18 07:15:46-04

Bernie Kosar's hit's on the field were well documented during his career in the NFL, the hits off the field were as well; bankruptcy, family struggles. Kosar opens up about them all in his new book "Learning to Scramble."

"I'm trying to help out other people by trying to be honest and genuine and have some people learn from the good things I've done but more importantly probably learn from some of the more challenging things that have happened," said Kosar.

"That ability to learn from the past, maximize today and live in the present to help you put yourself in a good position for the future.

"I really believe, as you'll read in the book, some of the great coaches I've had not only have helped me from the football perspective but helped me even more importantly from my life experiences," he said.

The book tells the backstory of how Kosar made a fortune in football and an even larger one away from the game only to see most of it disappear in bad investments by family members.

"You start getting towards nine figures," Kosar said of the total amount.

Kosar hopes his experiences and resiliency will help other players. "A lot of us thought we were the only ones going through it and when you see that other people have gone through it, you're not the only one... It's not making the mistakes sometimes that's the big issue it's how you handle the adversity," he said.