Better Business Bureau warns of sweepstakes scam in Northeast Ohio

Posted at 3:54 PM, Nov 14, 2016

Publisher’s Clearing House hand delivers prizes to the winner’s front door.


But, someone is calling people telling them they won a million dollars in the Clearinghouse sweepstakes.


The caller tells them they have to pay taxes, before they can claim the prize.


“The sweepstakes scam is doing very well in the Cleveland area and victimizing a lot of people,” said Sue McConnell President of the Better Business Bureau in Cleveland.  


The Better Business Bureau warning came too late for Marty Mrugacz 82 year old mother.


She sent $6,300, because she thought the caller was genuine.


Her son found out his mom was being scammed when he saw she was about to send another thousand dollars in cash.


The Better Business Bureau has these tips.


It’s a federal law that you don’t have to pay a fee in advance to receive a prize.


If you get a sweepstakes call, tell a family member or call the BBB.


Never give out personal information, like credit card numbers.


You can’t win a prize you didn’t enter.


“I feel horrible that there’s people out there that take so much time and effort to steal from the elderly, people on fixed incomes, it just kind of sickens me,” said Mrugacz.


McConnell said the calls can come from any area code, but they primarily come from the 876 area code in Jamaica.