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Billboards honoring Michael Stanley, Cleveland rocker and longtime radio DJ, pop up across Cleveland

Posted at 2:54 PM, Mar 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-08 14:57:42-05

CLEVELAND — Billboards across the Cleveland area are honoring legendary Cleveland singer-songwriter Michael Stanley who died Friday at the age of 72 after a months-long fight with lung cancer.

There are 19 billboards running a tribute with a photo of Stanley.

According to Lamar Advertising, these are the locations of the billboards honoring Stanley.

  • Carnegie Av SS 200ft W/O East 14 St F/E - 1 44115
  • East 14 St ES 380ft S/O Prospect Av F/S - 1 44115
  • E Bridge St NS 300ft W/O Ridge St F/E - 2 44035
  • SR 10 NS 0.3mi W/O Durkee Rd F/E - 2 44035
  • I-480 SS 0.8mi E/O I-71 F/E - 1 44135
  • Carnegie Av NS 200ft W/O East 46th F/W - 1 44103
  • US 224 SS 700ft W/O Hilbish Av F/W - 2 44306
  • I-71 WS 215ft N/O Hummel Av F/N - 2 44142
  • I-480 SS 1mi E/O I-71 F/W - 2 44142
  • I-480 SS 2mi E/O I-71 F/E - 1 44142
  • Lorain Av NS 950ft E/O West 25 St F/E 44113
  • SR 254 SL 180ft E/O Lake Av W/F 44035
  • I-277 SS 800ft W/O SR 93 Manchester Rd F/W - 2 44314
  • West 3 WS 150ft S/O St Clair Ave F/S - 1 44113
  • I-480 SS 100ft W/O Lee Rd F/E - 1 44128
  • I-90 SS 0.5 MI W/O Eddy Rd F/E - 1 44108
  • SR 8 WS 0.25mi N/O I-76 F/S-1 44311
  • I-76 SS 300ft W/O SR 91 Canton Rd F/W - 2 44312
  • US 250 WL 1.7mi N/O I-80 S/F 44846
Billboards honor Michael Stanley.

"Michael battled lung cancer for seven months with the same strength and dignity he carried throughout his life. He will always be remembered as a loving father, brother, husband, a loyal friend, and the leader of one of Cleveland's most successful rock bands," 98.5 WNCX said.

Prior to his passing, Stanley penned a farewell letter to his friends, family and fans. 98.5 WNCX shared his last message on their Facebook page.

"Hey gang...Well, if you're reading this then I am off to catch up with that big club tour in the sky. But before the bus pulls out I wanted to thank all of you for being a part of my musical journey, both on the stage, on record, and behind the microphone here at WNCX," he wrote.

Billboards honor Michael Stanley.

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