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Brazen grinch steals special Christmas decoration from house across the street from police station

Posted at 4:11 PM, Dec 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-03 16:11:12-05

A particularly brazen grinch or grinches stole and damaged Christmas decorations from a Cleveland home that is literally across the street from a police station.

The homeowner, Walter Gachuk, said that he’s not concerned about the cost of replacing the items, but the holiday decoration that was stolen holds sentimental value to him and his family and is apparently no longer available for purchase.

Gachuk, who lives on Daisy Avenue across from the Second District Cleveland Police Department, said he woke up Sunday morning to find one of his inflatable decorations missing. The decoration was a dog popping out of a Christmas present. He said that in the process of taking that decoration, the thieves also damaged the elf decoration next to it.

The dog decoration holds special significance to the Gachuk’s family, as it served as a reminder of when the family’s three kids received a very special gift from Santa six years ago: their family dog Jampo. Gachuk said that he has looked online for a replacement, but it appears that this decoration is no longer available.

Gachuk said his wasn’t the only house to have their Christmas decorations stolen — another family down the street had all of their decorations stolen, and now they are bringing their decorations inside each night.

Gachuk, who won an award for his Halloween decorations earlier this year, has purchased new decorations and is now taking precautions, including wiring his front yard with alarms that will sound if any would-be grinches step foot on his property.