CLE home hazard has former Colorado Rep. jailed

Posted at 10:08 PM, Mar 17, 2016

Former Colorado State Rep. Douglas Bruce is now heading to jail to face a two year prison term for owning four Northeast Ohio homes that are filled with code violations and hazards.

Cleveland Housing Court told three of the homes are in Cleveland, and more than $22,000 are owed in back taxes.

Court officials said Bruce was given the opportunity to come to Cleveland and clean-up the houses or face jail time, but Bruce picked prison.

The houses, including one on East 80 Street, are abandoned and have been plagued by illegal dumping.

Bruce was given jail time for the homes because they were deemed a violation of his probation on a money laundering conviction in 2011.

Cleveland Councilman Tony Brancatelli explained Bruce going to jail is good, but now Cleveland is left with a mess that will likely cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars to clean up.

"Well sadly, this is where it rolls down hill and the city ends up having to clean it up," said Brancatelli. "You see the dumping going on here, where people see and empty house, clearly an abandoned property and it's a free for all."

"It's not good that he's now on taxpayer dollars and we're feeding him and putting a roof over his head. He should have to serve his time living in a house like this."