Clean up at the Q is underway and more than 400 contractors hired for tear down

Posted at 5:13 PM, Jul 22, 2016

The party's over and crews have been working round the clock to transform the Q from convention to CAVS. 

We checked in on their progress to find out how long it'll take to restore it back to normal and what will come of all glam brought in for the RNC. 

"There's a lot of stuff in there," said Dave O'Neil, Deputy Press Secretary for the Republican National Convention. 

The RNC is utilizing close to 400 contractors to bring the arena back to normal. 

"It took us 29 days of really 24 hour work to get this whole thing completed, it takes to take it down, than it does to build it out, the next event here will be that Paul McCartney Concert on August 17." 

Our cameras, not aloud inside, but I'm told it's all hands on deck. 

"What's happening inside is what happened on the 16th of June, when we came in built the place're going to see LeBron James face back in there again," O'Neil said. 

On the outside, signs dropping here and there and rows of used carpet and chairs, fill the adjacent parking garage. 

"There's obviously not going to be carpet on the floor when the CAVS take the court again this November" said O'Neil. 

So what will come of that stuff? Will it be thrown away? 

"That's good carpet, that equipment that they have you really can't throw it that's why we hire a contractor, our Freeman in charge of that. They do this stuff all the time," he said.  

As for the fancier decor, the red hot ottomans, and couches now stacked up, they'll go back to the event planning companies where they were rented out from as well. The good news, some of the equipment the RNC purchased with be donated to the Q as a thank you. 

"Pretty much all the equipment that we're not leaving behind at the Q, and we're leaving behind lighting, and sound and, some new they're going to come in with their trucks and take that equipment." 

O'Neil said things should start to look noticeably different on the outside of the Q, by the end of the day today. For the complete changeover, he said folks should expect that to happen around August 15 right in time for the Paul McCartney concert.